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March 22, 2014

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Monitor your Canon EOS with your iPad !

Externally monitoring your Canon EOS over USB with your jailbroken iPad is now finally possible! Delivering up to 30 frames per second with latencies as low as 15 milliseconds (less than half a frame), no other solution even comes close to its performance.

DSLR Controller was the very first solution to communicate with cameras from any mobile device - available long before any of the other solutions you may have heard about, and at a fraction of the cost. Usage was limited to the Android platform until now, our first iOS release - if a fully functional counterpart (including remote control, and wireless capabilities not requiring a jailbreak) of the Android version will be built depends on your interest.


Not counting HDMI-based monitors, this is the highest performing liveview monitoring solution on the market. Please note that there is currently absolutely no remote control, this version of the app is for monitoring only.


There is really only one way all these cables fit together:

Once you connect all the cables and turn the camera on, the iPad's built-in photo viewer app will pop up. Just tap the home button, and tap the DSLR Controller icon from the application list. If you start DSLR Controller before plugging in / turning on the camera, it will try to automatically close the photo viewer app when it pops up and restart itself instead.

2014.03.22 - v0.11.0 BETA
  • Fixed: Issue on entry level EOS models (550D, 600D, ...) that could cause recording to stop after mere seconds, as well as cause flicker on the camera's screen

Disclaimer: Performance measured under ideal circumstances. Latency measured from start of frame request to frame being displayed on screen. Comparison to other solutions exclude HDMI-based monitoring devices.