Frequently Asked Questions
I cannot find the application in Google Play
The application does not show up in Google Play unless you have an ARMv7-A device running Android 2.3.1 or newer. Please consult the devices page to see if your device is compatible. If your device is listed, it may need a firmware update.

Devices running any Android version older than 3.1 will need to be rooted to run DSLR Controller, if they can run it at all.
Google Play says my devices are not compatible
Please consult the devices page to see if your device is compatible. If your device is listed, it may need a firmware update.

Devices running any Android version older than 3.1 will need to be rooted to run DSLR Controller, if they can run it at all.
DSLR Controller says my device may be compatible if I root it
As the message describes, the device you are using appears to be incompatible with DSLR Controller, but the app has detected that your device may become compatible once you have rooted it.

Most devices can be rooted (jailbroken), but it does void the warranty. Websites like have all the information you need to know to root your device.
DSLR Controller tells me my device has a (very) low per-app memory limit
You are most likely running DSLR Controller on a rooted Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device. Most of these devices are configured with a 48 or 64 MB per-app memory limit.

Like the photography and graphics programs you know and love from your desktop computer, DSLR Controller is quite a memory hungry application. Live view and image review quality and performance will be lowered to cope with the memory restriction. Typically liveview runs at half-speed and images are displayed at half-resolution.

If your device can actually run DSLR Controller however, chances are it has more than enough physical memory. Luckily, on rooted devices you can change this per-app memory limit. It is configured in the /system/build.prop file, and the setting is named dalvik.vm.heapsize. Changing this value to either 128m or 196m and rebooting will solve the problem. Please only do this on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices, not on newer Android versions!

It can be tricky to modify this setting yourself. There are free apps on Google Play that can help you to change this setting.
I purchased the application but Google Play will not let me download it
This is an issue with Google Play, and not something we can do anything about. If this happens to you, please make sure your credit card information is correct and the transaction actually went through. If so, request a refund, and complain to Google.
I cannot get liveview, auto focus, bulb or continuous shooting to work
Availability of features heavily depends on your camera settings.

Please consult the devices page to see if your camera is supported and which OS it runs. If it is running VxWorks, auto focus and continuous shooting are not supported. Liveview is generally only supported in A-DEP, M, Av, Tv and P modes on these cameras.

If your camera is running DryOS (all recent EOS models), most likely there is some setting in your camera that prevents these features from working. Most likely you will find the offending setting somewhere under C.Fn configuration (continue reading the FAQ entry below this one).
Camera configuration, C.Fn
Various camera settings are known to interfere with expected DSLR Controller operation.

Memory card
You need to put a memory card in the camera. Even if you don't use it. Affects capture.

On some models, liveview has to be enabled in the menu.

Shutter speed
On some models (like the 5D mark II), shutterspeed range is reduced when video recording is enabled in the menu.

Quick review
Quick review needs to be disabled for proper operation. The app does attempt to disable quick review, and re-enable it when you close the app, but this may not always work properly.

C.Fn settings
When running into problems or unexpected behaviour, we suggest resetting C.Fn to factory defaults. We have found some specific settings that may interfere with the app, that we have listed before. Option names vary slightly per model, and not every option is available on every model.

C.Fn III: Autofocus/Drive: Mirror Lockup
This option should be set to value 0: Disable. Affects auto-focus and capture.

C.Fn IV: Operation/Others: Shutter/AF-ON button
This option should be set to value 0: Metering + AF start. Affects auto-focus.

C.Fn IV: Operation/Others: Shutter/AE lock button
This option should be set to value 0: Metering + AF start. Affects auto-focus.

C.Fn IV: Operation/Others: Custom Controls
Both the shutter and AF-ON should be set to value AF. Affects auto-focus.
My strobes aren't firing !
Go into your camera's menu and find the liveview configuration. Check if there is a silent mode option, and make sure it is set to disabled. It is also known that non-Canon flashes may not work when liveview is active.
Where can I discuss DSLR Controller and ask questions ?
DSLR Controller has it's own discussion thread at

This thread is visited by the DSLR Controller developers, Android enthousiasts, and amateur and professional photographers.

Please search both this site and the thread itself, to see if your question has already been answered. While most people in the discussion thread are happy to answer any questions you may have, as you may understand people may get frustrated if the same question comes up over and over again.
I would like to request a refund
We know and understand the 15 minute refund window provided by Google Play may not be enough to figure out if DSLR Controller is for you. We can manually process refunds after the 15 minute refund window has passed.

Do not email us to ask for a refund. We cannot process refunds this way. What you need to do is find the original email you received from Play / Checkout / Wallet when you purchased the application. This email contains a link to view the transaction online. Once on the page with the transaction view, you can send a refund request.

Please note that refunds requested in this way need to be processed manually. While we aim to process refunds within 3 business days, please allow up to 1 month for the refund to be processed before requesting it again.
What does DSLR stand for, anyways ?
Digital Single-Lens Reflex.
Is my camera compatible ?
Please consult the devices page.
I have a Nikon / Sony / Pentax / xxx DSLR, are these supported ?
At the moment, only Canon EOS models are supported. Support for other brands of DSLRs is planned, but we will not start on the implementation until we have finished the application for Canon EOS.
What about non-DSLR cameras ?
We might support these in the future, but DSLRs come first.
What are the currently planned features for DSLR Controller ?
We have a very long list of features planned and are working hard to get them all implemented. Following is a small selection of the most important features we plan to support, in no particular order. You may wonder why some of these have not been implemented yet, the answer is that our first priorities are stability, compatibility, and performance.
  • Image review (JPEG based first, CR2 second) implemented in v0.70
  • Saving images to Android device instead of camera implemented in v0.97
  • HDR capture (ExpComp/EV based) implemented in v0.77
  • Advanced intervalometer/bramper with the following subfeatures:
    • Basic timelapse implemented in v0.86
    • Unlimited-point bracketing (time-based and HDR): implemented in v0.85
      • Shutter speed
      • Aperture
      • ISO speed
      • Bulb timing
    • 3-speed focus control implemented in v0.86
  • Scripted capture
  • Video support implemented in v0.75
  • Follow focus implemented in v0.92
  • Live contrast view implemented in v0.70
  • Remote control through 3rd party applications, a second Android device, or a PC implemented in v0.96
  • Very limited free version (at 1.0 release)
If you want to request a different feature or wish to elaborate on how you see the implementation of a certain feature, feel free to tell us all about it in the discussion thread at
Why is the BETA paid ?
For this BETA, we only want those people who are serious about this application and want to help support it's development both monetarily as well as with their input.

We were not even planning to release the BETA at all, but we got so many requests to just release it in the state it was in at that time, we eventually buckled under the sheer number of requests for it.

Also please note that the BETA is significantly cheaper than the end-product will be.
Is DSLR Controller based on <any open source project> ?
No, it is not. DSLR Controller is completely built from scratch (aside from Android itself) in a massive reverse engineering effort. Not sure why we keep getting this question, as none of those projects even come close to what DSLR Controller can do.
Will there be a free version of DSLR Controller ?
There are plans for a (severely limited or time-based trial) free version of DSLR Controller for after version 1.0 is reached.