Announcing DSLR Controller Wi-Fi Stick
NOTICE: There is now a cheaper and better solution available here!

When DSLR Controller first came out on Android, it was the very first app on any mobile platform able to take full control of a DSLR using USB. Last year, it was the first to add the capability to use two phones or tablets, connecting one to the Canon EOS and using the other to control the rig over Wi-Fi. Early this year, it was also the first to add the capability to connect to WFT boxes and Wi-Fi equipped Canon EOS models using the full remote protocol (not the more limited smartphone protocol).

Now, it's time to announce the DSLR Controller Wi-Fi Stick. This combination of cheap off-the-shelf components (that you can also use for other purposes) and a customized version of the DSLR Controller software, adds a Wi-Fi module to any compatible Canon EOS camera. Easily the most requested feature, this extension allows you to fully control the camera over Wi-Fi using the DSLR Controller app on your Android device, the same as if it were connected over USB!

This build-it-yourself solution made up of an Android TV stick (CX-919), a power bank (USB battery) of choice and the DSLR Controller Wi-Fi stick software, can be created for close to 100 USD. Another industry first for full remote control, beating most of the competition by 200 to 400 USD - wouldn't you rather put that money toward some more glass?

For the complete walkthrough, which components to get, where to get the software, and how to set it all up and use it, read our guide in the how-to section.

- Chainfire, July 2013